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What could be better than a beautiful floor that retains its looks year after year? With ordinary floors, wear and tear soon leave their mark and the floors can fade with time. But with a wooden floor, time seems to stand still.

Maintaing your Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is renowned for its low maintenance needs. Laminates are obviously different from carpets and therefore a slightly different approach is necessary when caring for the floorcovering.

Regular dry brushing and vacuuming helps to remove dust and grittier dirt particles, which can cause unattractive scratches on the laminate surface.

Abrasive cleansers and large amounts of water should never be used to clean dirty or marked laminate flooring. Instead, special dry cleaners or well wrung, slightly damp cloths should be used. Sanding, polishing and waxing should be avoided at all costs because the surface is already specially treated for wear resistance.


  • Wipe any spills immediately with an absorbent cloth or towel.
  • Regularly remove dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not wash your floor with a soaking mop or cloth, rather use a dry laminate mop with Berry Floor Laminate Cleaner, or wipe the floor with a well wrung damp or moist cloth.
  • Do not sand, varnish, polish or wax the floor as these treatments will adversely affect the intrinsic properties of the laminate floor. The surface is resistant to wear and therefore it is unnecessary to carry out any further treatment.
  • Abrasive cleaners should not be used under any circumstances.
  • Do not clean grooves with a pointed or metal object.


  • Long term wear and tear is caused by dirt trodden into the floor from outside. Walked in dirt such as gravel and sand acts like sand paper and can cause unpleasant scratches. To prevent this we suggest that you put down a large door mat at all entrances.
  • It is also recommended that felt pads are fitted under the feet of tables, chairs and cupboards. This makes them easier to move around and prevents scratching.
  • Also equip castors or rollers on office chairs, filing trolleys and mobile containers with soft treads and replace any existing old, hard or sharp edge castors. These castors are recognisable by their two-tone construction.
  • Place drip trays under all plants.

Tips on laminate floor care, and how to care for your wood flooring and maintain a beautiful wooden floor.


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