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Basic Carpet Care 

The following carpet care program will only be effective if started on a new carpet or one which has been restored by a good professional clean.

  • Quality walk-off mats are recommended at entrances to reduce dirt and kitchen grease being walked into fitted carpets. To remain effective, clean these mats regularly and replace when necessary.
  • Vacuum your carpet thoroughly and more frequently in well used areas to prevent soil from settling into the pile. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner is well maintained and that the bag is changed regularly.
  • Remove spills and marks immediately, prompt action will prevent the spillage from penetrating the fibre and becoming fixed. Staingo, supplied exclusively by Gavin's Carpets is ideal for spot removal.
    Spot Removal Print

    It is most important to clean up spills and marks immediately. The best method is to blot up liquids with white paper towels or white absorbant cloths. Scoop up solids with the blunt edge of a knife, a spoon or a spatula working inwards from the edge of the mark. 

  • Treat mark with the suitable cleaning products as recommended. Use Staingo for spot removal. Each Nouwens Carpet Care product carries directions which should be followed. Note: never rub, scrub or brush a mark as this can spread it and damage the carpet pile.
  • Products such as the Nouwens heavy duty carpet cleaner will leave sticky detergent residues after use, which promote re-soiling. Make sure you follow the directions to remove this detergent residue.

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