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Fotakis Wool Carpet Collection


The Fotakis Brothers Wool Collection is sourced from Europe, with its exceptional price point and quality, there is no better wool flooring available. Fotakis Brothers Wool Collection consists of 6 ranges of Pure New Wool Flooring. This is a range of carpeting that Fotakis Brothers is glad to add to our exclusive Private Collection…

Why choose wool? Wool has been used for centuries and its performance is well known. Its main characteristics are its natural resistance to dirt, stains and fire. Wool has a long-lasting superior appearance, natural elasticity, resistance to static electricity, while it is easy to clean and preserve.

Wool is a natural product, whereas synthetics are man-made based on chemicals. Wool is considered to be a superior fibre for home or professional use. It’s also a self-degradable and renewable source.





Fotakis Wool Collection - MadridFotakis Wool Collection - AthensFotakis Wool Collection - Milan



Fotakis Wool Collection - MadridFotakis Wool Collection - Athens