Undercarpet Heating Print

Versatile Shapes and Sizes
Shapes and sizes have been designed to better suite common room layouts, making installation even easier:

  • Unique 1500 Watt, “U-shaped” bedset to encircle a double bed – perfect for the 18sqm bedroom.
  • Unique 750 Watt “L-shaped” unit for alongside and at the foot of a single bed.
  • 1000 Watt bedset (2 X 500 Watt) for medium sized bedrooms with a double bed.
  • Versatile 500 Watt split unit for passage ways or for the smaller double bedroom.
Spirally Wound Heating Element

The heating wire, is spirally – wound around a high – tensily rayon core, provides these unmatched features:

  • Unsurpassed flexibility – this element has passed the flexing test laid down in international specifications for flexible heating elements. This element withstands a minimum of 50 000 flexings without failure, while a good – quality stranded element may fail at less than 1 000 flexings in the same test.
  • The internal cushion provided by the rayon core makes this a resilient element with a high resistance to crushing.
  • Inherent elasticity allows a degree of elongation and subsequent recovery without imposing strain on the heating wire or causing any damage to the element as a whole.

New Insultation Coating

Leading European manufactures, at the forefront of polymer technology, have developed a special insulation formulation for Warmup. This insulant is based on specialist plastic materials perfected over 30 years for applications that demand high flexibility, continuous operation at high temperature and a long working life. These materials are also used where extremely harsh operating conditions are encountered, such as wiring looms in engine bays in the aerospace and motor industries.

Our insulation:

  • Shows excellent operating characteristics including long life at high temperature, and very good resistance to abrasion and mechanical loads.
  • Is impervious to most chemicals, including all those it is likely ever to encounter in this application.
  • Is suited to thin – wall application, enabling the manufacture to a miniaturized element while maintaining high dielectric strength. At all stages of production our cable is continuously spark and flash tested at 5kV, and is manufactured and tested to the IEC 967 international standard.

Foil Base

The Warmup Heating elements are encased in a tough “earth shield” which withstands heavy traffic and eliminates the risk of electric shock. The foil ensures an even heat distribution and is waterproof.