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Underfloor heating uses a radiant heat design to gently heat the room from the bottom up. Using Warmup Underfloor Heating has two main advantages:Radiators

Vertical Heat Stratification:

Traditional systems heat from the top down and have a tendency to over-heat your head, leading to stuffiness. The heat is concentrated into relatively small areas (e.g. a radiator) and the heaters heat the air next to them.

The air then rises up the wall, along the ceiling into the centre of the room. When it reaches the centre of the room, it cools slightly, and then descends towards the floor.

To get warmer feet, you may need to overheat the head; as the feet naturally act as our body`s `thermostat` warm feet generally means we feel comfortable. The result is a warm head and cool feet.

FireplacesUnderfloor heating (AKA in-floor heating) heats the whole floor area resulting in the opposite vertical heat stratification - warm feet and a cool head. The vertical heat stratification generated by underfloor heating suits our body`s natural requirements. We tend to emit a high proportion of our body`s heat through our head, so it is warm anyway. On the other hand, our feet are at the extremities of our body, so need a bit more heat.

Radiant Heat:

The most comfortable form of heat.

Floor HeatingUnderfloor heating spreads the heat over the entire floor area resulting in about half the heat being emitted as low temperature radiant heat. This gentle source of warmth reduces the heat loss from our bodies without overheating the surrounding air.

Radiant heat is considered the most comfortable form of heat. It gently and evenly warms us in the same way as the sun; it mimics the type of warmth we associate with a perfect summer`s day. Warm, but not stuffy.


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