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Gavin's Carpets are exclusive suppliers of Unifloor Laminated Wood Flooring

Unifloor laminate flooring

Although wood laminate flooring is relatively new in South Africa it has been around for close to 30 years. Most people think that wood laminate flooring is plastic. Yes, it is an imitation, but it is 95% wood.

Over the years as technology has improved so has the end product. The only limitations are the limitations of the imagination of the manufacturers'.

Why Choose Unifloor?

  • Unifloor wood laminate flooring is a good long term investment!
    A Unifloor Guarantee is 100% valid for its full duration. Sonae Industria - the largest wood panel producer in the world - 
    give written guarantees on all Superior and Premier Flooring products.
  • Unifloor customers know they're getting the best quality!

    All Unifloor products are manufactured in accordance with the stringent European EN13329 quality standards.
  • Unifloor customers are guaranteed a perfect finish! 

    Exact colour matching skirtings and profiles are available for Superior & Premier ranges.
    Unifloor laminate flooring will not warp, twist or pull apart.
    Unifloor floors are guaranteed not to stain from accidental spillages of any substance normally found in the home.
    Unifloor flooring will not fade due to sun or artificial light.
    All Unifloor products are made from extra high density, moisture resistance board. Colour coded "Green".
    The edges of the Premier and Superior ranges have been sealed with wax emulsion for additional moisture protection.