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Pergo wood Flooring 


Pergo has a great range of laminate flooring for both professional and residential needs in South Africa. Pergo offers stylish flooring with the most advanced surface technology ever. 

Pergo offers you the world’s largest range of laminate floors featuring different designs, formats and the high quality you would expect from Pergo.


Pergo GoldPergo Gold Quality
PERGO® is the perfect solution for families with children and dogs, or in more exposed rooms such as children’s rooms and kitchens. Suitable for small offices and restaurants.  »Pergo Gold Quality

Pergo SilverPergo Silver Quality
PERGO® floors of Silver quality are designed for residential use and areas with light commercial traffic where the level of wear is normal. 
»Pergo Silver Quality


Pergo Surface Protection Technology 

When Pergo invented the first Pergo laminate flooring back in 1977, we revolutionised the flooring industry. Here was a floor that was almost impossible to wear out with endless possibilities for different designs and finishes.

We have continued to make the most of these fantastic possibilities ever since. Every year, we introduce innovations that make PERGO® floors stand out in a class of their own.

What’s more, PERGO® floors make one of the best environmental choices. All of our products are certified with the Nordic Ecolabel – the Swan – which is reassuring to know if you want to create beautiful floors whilst caring about the environment.